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The purpose of this web site is to collect and assemble in one location, all material of historic value on the subject of Dauphin Island, Alabama.. . . The organization of this archive is non-profit, non-aligned to any one organization or group, and certainly is non-political. Material herein is collected from many sources. I have attempted to give appropriate credit to sources when available. Any omission of credit is unintentional. If support for uncredited material is available, please contact me. Use of this material is for educadtional purposes only! If anyone has material, which should be added to this archive, please get in touch. No charge, no pay. I can copy all documents and photos on loan to this project. Promise to return all submitted stuff..
Jim Hall, on Dauphin Island, AL
[email protected]

HEY! This is the one and only internet place where you can find a complete collection of fascinating history items about Dauphin Island, Alabama. The site's front page is a table of contents of the archives. If you have history material and/or pictures, and would like to have such included, please forward to me. This is an on going project which may take a year or more to finish. Use of this material is for educadtional purposes only!
Check back regularly for new material. Jim Hall on Dauphin Island. 251-861-4499 [email protected]
Dauphin Island, AL
Archive of Historical Data, Books, Maps
And Other Materials-Subject Divisions:

Books & Manuscripts:

Excerpts from book "Fleur de Lys and Calumet" by Richebourg Gaillard McWilliams, Original
1723 French text translated/published 1953. Considered by historians as THE important, realilable work on French expansion 1699 thru 1723..

From the book: "Dauphin Island AL: French Possession 1699-1763" by Jo Myrtle Kennedy

Dauphin Island's
Critical Years
1701 - 1722...
The AL Historical
Review, 1967

The Book "History of Beautiful Dauphin Island"
by Richebourg Gaillard McWilliams
Published by DI Park & Beach Board

Harbinger Community Newspaper (1999):

"Amphibious Landings On Dauphin Island"
Approaches from Gulf waters for exploration and conquests… Documenting 1st to the 7th landings

  • First Armed Amphibious Invasion

  • Second and Third Amphibious Invasions

  • Fourth, Fifth,
    Sixth & Seventh Amphibious Invasions

  • "Feasibility Study
    for Beach Erosion
    Control and
    Hurricane Protection"
    September, 1978
    Army Corps Engineers
    Mobile Dist.

    Photographs, Post Cards & Maps:

    East end pier
    Near Ft Gaines
    1920 photo

    Cedar Point stop
    Train from Mobile
    Bob Boykin
    1930's photo

    DI home
    Bob Boykin
    1930's photo

    DI home
    Bob Boykin
    1930's photo

    Village homes
    B0b Boykin
    1930's photo

    at the beach, Bob
    Boykin collection
    1930's photo

    at the beach, Bob
    Boykin collection
    1930's photo

    Sand Dunes,
    Beaches of DI

    Bath House
    South Beach-Bob
    Boykin collection
    1930's photo

    School students
    Mobile Press-Register
    Photo approx.

    1930s photo
    Island children
    With pet goats

    Island children
    At School
    Photo 1928-1932

    A collection
    Of 1910 & 1940

    of Dauphin Island
    Photos 1950's:

    First Dauphin Island bridge 1955
    DI First Bridge
    Close Up of
    Lift Span

    At the beach
    USA Archives
    1950's photo

    Beach Visitors
    Mobile Chamber
    of Commerce
    1950's photo

    "The Casino"
    Property owners
    & Public welcome
    On the beach

    Beauty Contest
    On the beach
    At The Casino

    Piper Cub
    Dauphin Island
    1957 photo

    Early Island
    Baseball Teams
    Photos Likely
    Late 1950's

    Serious Fishermen
    Enjoy the Gulf

    Life Style
    In The Marina
    1957 Photo

    More Photos
    And Material:

    Waiting For
    DI Draw Bridge
    Mid 1960s

    South Beach
    Photo: Early 1960s

    First Advertising brochure 1958
    First Fort Gaines

    French drawing
    of Massacre
    Island 1717
  • 1852 US Corps
    Nautical Chart collection
    Mobile Bay
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  • Island Facilities & Attractions:

  • Sand Island
    Light House
  • Historic
    Fort Gaines
  • Shell
  • DI Sea Lab
    (Work in
  • Bird
  • Estuarium
    (Work in
  • DI Fishing Pier
    (Work in Progress)
  • Newspaper, TV, Radio, Online and Magazine Items:

    "Dauphin Island News"
    An Independent
    paper published
    by Rankin Pub.,
    Bayou La Batre
  • July 1, 1957,
    First Issue, 12 pgs

  • July 18, 1957,
    4 Pages recovered

  • October 25, 1957,
    8 pages

  • Nov. 17, 1957,
    8 pages

  • Jan. 1, 1959
    10 pages

    "Dauphin Island Community News"
    Published by
    DI Foundation,
    Editor, Jim Hall
  • Summer 1996, First
    Edition (20 pgs-PDF)
    Headline: "Gulfside

  • Fall 1996 (20 pgs-PDF)
    Headline:"New Mayor,
    Council for Town"

  • Spring 1997(20pgs-PDF)
    Spring Festival"

  • Summer 1997
    Gulfside On the 4th"

  • Fall 1997 (20 pgs-PDF)
    Headline:"Sea Lab
    Estuarium To Open"

  • January 1999
    (20 pgs-PDF)
    Tricentennial Year"

  • Summer 1999 (16 pgs-PDF)
    Headline:"Ft Gaines
    Hosts 'Good Morning
    America, ABC"

    Newspaper Items
    *Yesterday's News*
    Short stories
    From The Past
  • *Stories/Features
    The Island*

    *Register Editorials
    The Island*
  • *Beach Erosion*
  • Churches, Organizations & Government:

  • DI Churches
  • POA - Dauphin Island Property Owners' Assoc.
  • Town of Dauphin Island Municipal Government
  • Dauphin Island Park & Beach Board
  • Dauphin Island Water & Sewer Aughority
  • Military Events:

    USAF Radar Station on Dauphin Island
    USAF Radar Station
    Post WWII
    On Dauphin Island

    British encampment on Dauphin Island
    1815 sketch of
    British troops encamped
    On Dauphin Island

    Fort Powell drawing
    A sketch of
    Fort Powell
    Near Dauphin Island


    Folklore & Life Style
    Fact And Fiction


    *Newspaper Items*

  • Spanish Treasure
    Hidden In The Well

    July 18, 1957
    Dauphin Island News

  • DI News Editorial
    Life on Dauphin Island

    July 18, 1957
    Dauphin Island News

  • Interview with Sgt. James Grant
    July 18, 1957
    Dauphin Island News


  • Oil And Gas Industry In Neighborhood

  • Isle Dauphine
    Golf Course open
    till Labor Day
    April 4, 2012

  • Relief and
    inspiration on
    Dauphin Island
    Press-Register Editorial
    December 30, 2011

  • Mulligan?
    Golf Club
    Stays Open
    With Volunteers
    December 22, 2011

  • Isle Golf given
    Reprieve-Stays Open
    Dec 20, 2011, email

  • 50 Year Old
    Golf Club Closes
    December 19, 2011

  • DI Golf Course
    Threatened to
    Close Oct 2002

  • Build a Golf
    Course on Sand
    June, 1962

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