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1950's development of Dauphin Island
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1950's Dauphin Island beaches
Following opening of new bridge
Dauphin Island offers miles of uncluttered gulf surf beaches with pure white sand. Swimming and surfing continue through most of the year. It is a far cry from the family groups and young people who frequent the beaches today and the herds of wild cattle that dominated these beaches before the bridge was built and the island's development.

Wild Cattle roamed the Island
Before development and new bridge
There were several large herds of goats that rambled over the island as well as quite a number of cows that apparently ran wild. The Islanders knew which cows and which goats belonged to whom and that occasionally they would round up some of the cattle and some of the goats and take them to the mainland to sell to the packing companies.

Dauphin Island's "famous" Goat Trees
Several areas of the Island are covered by tall oak trees which doubtless are several hundred years old. In some of these trees the herds of wild goats on the island would climb to the upper limbs at night to sleep where they would be protected from night prowling alligators.
This is one of the trees and several goats are shown here before they could escape. It was difficult to get close enough when the limbs were fairly well covered to photograph them. It will be noted that the bark on the top of this large limb is worn off and other limbs in the trees were worn similarly. Without the picture this fascinating animal custom would not be believed.

The Fort Gaines Club
The old Fort Gaines Club was located on the Fort Gaines Reservation. It was a fine two story building whith long shady proches and beautiful recreation rooms. It was rejuvenated, air conditioned and completely furnished as a part of the Chamber of Commerce development. Several years later it was destroyed by fire.

Golf course architect Robert Bruce Harrris, Chicago
and Mobile's Blake McNeely work on golf course plans
This is the way the Isle Dauphine Golf Course looked in the planning stage. Golf course architect Robert Bruce Harris, of Chicago, is showing a layout of one of the fairways to Blake MeNeely just prior to start of work building the golf course by golf course builder Charles Maddox, and his son, Charles, Jr., of Chicago.
This is one of the areas where mud from Alligator Lake was mixed with the sand to develop the beautiful fairways now being enjoyed.

The Casino
The Sand Dunes Casino, located on a mile of Gulf Surf beach, was completely furnished, including a long fishing pier into the Gulf. It was given to the Park and Beach Board for public use and it was enjoyed by visitors from many states before it was destroyed.

Brand New Isle Dauphine Club
The Isle Dauphine Club was built on the Gulf front site and included one mile of Gulf beach. A large portion of the property now encompasses a championship golf course. All of this develoment was a part of the Chamber's project, and the property was given by the
Mobile Chamber of Commerce to the Dauphin Island Property Owners Association.

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