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Summer 2007 Newsletter

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Much has been happening recently for the good of the Sand Island Lighthouse. The Engineering report draft has been submitted for review by Thompson Engineering to the Alabama Lighthouse Association, Dauphin Island Lighthouse Committee and the Town of Dauphin Island (ALHA). This report will provide the data needed to create the restoration plan. This plan will set-out what the finished project will look like, and what ongoing repairs and improvements will be done to the light house and island. It will also setup the order of the repair work.

You will be amazed at what is being built for the public! The FEMA work the ALHA has done in conjunction with the Dauphin Island Committee and the Town of Dauphin Island has resulted in some limited FEMA funds being available for the Lighthouse. These funds are nowhere near enough to complete even the emergency repairs set forth in the emergency repairs section of Thompson report. They are a great start to saving the lighthouse and FEMA and the Town of Dauphin Island should be commended for their efforts to save Sand Island Lighthouse.

The ALHA is providing support for the emergency repair project now.

After many years of hard work by lighthouse supporters like you, the lighthouse restoration repair work is beginning in earnest. Please keep in mind that we will need to raise over one half million dollars to do the emergency work to the tower that it needs now. FEMA is only providing enough to get started with the repairs. The finished project will be many times that amount.

Fund-raising for the Sand Island Lighthouse project will begin to be in the news very soon. Be sure to tell all the people you know about Alabama's Statue of Liberty, Sand Island Lighthouse, and ask them to support the
project with a nice donation to help with the funding. The Lighthouse and the development of the public recreation area is being done for them. The public and their children will be the ones to enjoy the lighthouse for generations to come.

We are in a race against mother nature in fund-raising for the Sand Island Light. We must complete emergency repairs before the next big hurricane or the Lighthouse might be lost. The tower has vertical cracks in three places that have weakened the structure. Engineers feel these can be repaired and that the foundation is still secure, but we must hurry!

That is about all I have space for right now. If anyone asks what they can do to help, might I suggest you tell them to join us by making a donation to the Sand Island Lighthouse or to the Alabama Lighthouse Association. Please become a member of the Alabama Lighthouse Association; $25 a year dues go a long way toward helping all of Alabama Lighthouses.

By Warren Lee, Chair
Pictures courtesy of Brent Beall, Maritime Museum
and Thompson Engineering, Mobile

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