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Birding on Dauphin Island

Historic Fort Gaines

POA - Property
Owners' Association

Sand Island Light

Shell Mounds

Town of Dauphin Island-Municipal Government

Dauphin Island, AL
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Sand Island Light House

Photo of the Sand Island LightHouse taken sometime around the turn of the century.
Archive Editor's note: Upon close eximation, the two individuals pictured are women. They both have long black dresses. The white around the lady's head and shoulders (left) is where the photographer, when producing the print from a glass negative, used a darkroom technique called "dodging". This created a white area around the subject and kept her features from blending into the background.
An additional note - the photographer had to be standing on rocks using a tripod for his camera.
Photo retreived and copied by Daniel Scarcliff, Dauphin Island Sand Island LightHouse Preservation Committee
Original is archived at the National Archives, Washington, DC...

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